About Bellwether



What is your dream in life? Did you achieve it, or did you give up? Are you truly happy in life? These are questions you don’t get asked very often and you possibly don’t even think about. The answers to these questions is what defined your life. Many people live their life without knowing why they do what they do. Many go through life not feeling fulfilled and without purpose. What’s worse is the majority of people don’t love what they do for a living and in turn they hate their lives. This feeling not only affects them personally but spreads to their spouses, children, and friends creating unhappy groups of people. We can create positive change together! We believe we can change the world with your help. 

The Brand:

The Bellwether brand exist for this purpose: To empower individuals to reach their highest potential through self-discovery and education. To educate, empower and to inspire is only one part of Bellwether. We believe in helping others and having a positive impact on all the lives we touch. The more people we reach the more inspiration will spread. 

Although we are all about empowerment, it is not all about self-service. How can I make more money? How can I discover my passion? How can I be healthy? How do I lose weight?It is about how you can help others. How can I help other people earn more money? How can I guide others to find their passions? How can I help someone else live a healthy lifestyle? The reason I’m building this website is to create a community where individuals can begin their journey of self-discovery through guides, lessons, videos, and articles. Aside from the self-discovery tools, resources for entrepreneurs and startups will be available. These resources include naming, branding, design guides, SEO lessons, Facebook and Google Ads, website building, social media, growing online presence and many others. All the resources are free! I believe everyone should have access to the tools necessary to creating their success. This information is currently scattered throughout the internet and it is often difficult for people to find reliable sources or sometimes even find information at all. There is not really any school or course you can attend to learn this information all at once. The importance of learning something like branding and strategy for example is critical for the creation and survival of a company. 

The Bellwether community will serve to guide and lead individuals through these lessons, so they may build their dreams and create amazing company cultures. Learning and spreading knowledge is at core of why I am building Bellwether. I want to create leaders who will bring positive change to their company, home, and community. Educating goes hand in hand with inspiration. Bellwether is a place where inspiration lives. Inspiration comes in the form of articles, videos, designs, quotes, and great content always! Besides the website I also have a network of Instagram pages that features content to inspire and remind people of their motivations. Social media is one of the best ways to reach the masses and have a positive impact on individuals daily. Currently I have 4 pages with hundreds of followers with post 3 times a day for each. Spreading the message also extends to other platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr these pages are also in process now. The feedback has been exceptional. People love the posts which gives a boost to their day and inspires them. I post great visuals that create a feeling of motivation, freedom, and empowerment. To be able to have an impact of this sort is amazing. I want to be able to reach more people. With your help we will be able to extend our network on social media and motivate individuals on a larger scale.  

The Bellwether community will be here to support individuals as they  face the challenges of entrepreneurship. Bellwether wants to be part of your journey and guide you to other adventures. The spirit of freedom and exploration thrives at Bellwether. Knowledge and inspiration also comes from exploring the world around us and its cultures. The feeling of wanderlust and discovering more is in our human nature. Bellwether will feature articles of places to visit, cultures, and customs of different peoples. People should be inspired to travel and get to know the world they live in. Many individuals never even think of traveling due to busy lives, work, and misconceptions of travel budgets. People need to explore more period. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave your city to learn about a new custom or culture. Along with the free, educational, and inspiring content Bellwether will also provide apparel, drinkware, and accessories. All custom designed and made for inspiration and to serve as reminder of your motivations and keep you on track to reaching your goals.  


Bellwether will dedicate 40 % of its total revenue for social and education projects in South America. In the past few years my spouse and I take a trip annually in December to Pereira Colombia. Here we visit the most impoverished neighborhoods to bring them some assistance at least once a year. We bestow kids with backpacks full of school supplies and toys. The reaction is indescribable, and this simple gesture creates a moment the kids will remember all their lives. If a gesture once a year can have such an impact, then we want to be able to provide more assistance and have a bigger impact on more lives all year round. We plan to extend the number of neighborhoods we visit initially, then be able to provide books along with the school supplies and toys, finally to create programs that children can attend after-school or before-school with extra-curricular activities and a meal. The situation is critical in certain neighborhoods and very poor in others. The assistance from the government is non-existent and the people are left to fend for themselves. There are no programs people can turn to anywhere. Our goal is empowering individuals to reach their highest potential through self-discovery and education and none should be left behind. Pereira is just the beginning. We dream of being able to reach more communities in different countries within the first few years.